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Posts by Jason Evangelho

Meet The Team: Wolf-Martell Montwe, Android Developer

Having recently joined us as a full-time Android developer, Wolf brings his passion for building mobile applications to the Thunderbird team. He’ll be helping to bring new features and an updated interface to K-9 Mail as we transform it into Thunderbird for Android. I spoke with him about his first computer, what he hopes to accomplish for the Thunderbird mobile app, and how our community of contributors can help!

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The Official Thunderbird Podcast Is Here!

Welcome to the debut episode of the Thunderbird podcast, which we’re affectionately calling the ThunderCast! It’s an inside look at the making of Thunderbird, alongside community-driven conversations with our friends in the open-source world. We can’t wait for you to listen!  Where To Get The Podcast Highlights from Episode 1 Transcript We include a full […]

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Meet The Team: Alex Castellani, Product Design Manager

Welcome to a brand new feature called “Meet The Team!” In this ongoing series of conversations, I want to introduce you to the humans behind the software you use every day. When and why did they fall in love with technology? What does their day-to-day schedule look like? What attracts them to open-source projects? And what’s their playlist of choice when hacking away on Thunderbird?

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