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Thunderbird Podcast #5: Remote Work Tips + Thunderbird Send

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The Thunderbird team is a remote-first, globally distributed group, so it made perfect sense to devote an episode to Remote Work! Join Heather, Chris, and Jason for some useful tips and tricks to make your daily remote work more enjoyable and more productive. We also include tips from ThunderCast listeners Pedro and Mike, who emailed us at (You can do the same if something’s on your mind.)

Plus: An inside look at the upcoming Thunderbird Send service, some fascinating origin stories, and geeky Raspberry Pi solutions for weather and BBQ.

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By popular request, we will start including PDF transcripts of each episode. You can read the embedded version, or download it below:


2 responses

Drew wrote on

I really wish you’d make a transcript of these podcasts available. I don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, but I can read through it very quickly, if I had something to read.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Good feedback! We actually do transcribe every episode, but I forgot to include it in this episode’s shownotes. I’ve included an embedded PDF in this post, which you can download directly here:

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