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February 2024 Community Office Hours: All About Add-Ons!

The topic for this month’s Thunderbird Community Office Hours takes a short break from the core of Thunderbird and takes us into the world of extensions we call Add-ons. These allow our users to add features and options beyond the customization already available in Thunderbird by default.

UPDATE: Video Replay Now Available

February Office Hours Topic: Add-ons

John Bieling: Sr. Software Engineer, Add-ons Ecosystem

We want it to be easy to make Thunderbird yours, and so does our community. The Thunderbird Add-on page shows the power of community-driven extensions. There are Add-ons for everything, from themes to integrations, that add even more customization to Thunderbird.

Our guest for this month’s Thunderbird Community Office Hours is John Bieling, who is the person responsible for Thunderbird’s add-on component. This includes the WebExtension APIs, add-on documentation, as well as community support. He hosts a frequent open call about Add-on development and is welcoming to any developers seeking help. Come join us to learn about Add-on development and meet a key developer in the space.

Catch Up On Last Month’s Thunderbird Community Office Hours

Before you join us on February 22 at 18:00 UTC, watch last month’s office hours with UX Engineer Elizabeth Mitchell. We had some great discussion around the Message Context Menu and testing beta and daily images. Watch the video and read more about our guest at last month’s blog post.

Watch January’s Office Hours session, all about the message context menu

Join Us On Zoom

(Yes, we’re still on Zoom for now, but a Jitsi server for future office hours is in the works!)

When: February 22 at 18:00 UTC (10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CET)

Direct URL To Join:
Meeting ID: 97506306527
Password: 319424

Dial by your location:

The call will be recorded and this post will be updated with a link to the recording afterwards.

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12 responses

Kristian Sundström wrote on

I have tried, in vain, to use recommended methods to convert from MS Outlook to Thunderbird.
All failed.

Can someone tell me how to import my .pst-file ? Thunderbird rreplies that it doesn’t find any profile.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Kristian, this is because Thunderbird doesn’t natively understand how to handle Outlook data files. In order to accomplish this, you would need to use a 3rd-party tool that converts .pst files to a format Thunderbird can understand. Hopefully an internet search will guide you in the right direction there, but I can’t readily recommend any, since it’s beyond our scope of support and we don’t want to see your data files damaged by any software.

Fred Berney wrote on

I have been a Thunderbird user for about 10 years. I love the program, have donated to it, and have suggested it to others.

Last year you added the THREADING feature. I would prefer not to use it. I’d rater just sort on date and have all my messages in all my folders appear in order by the most current date. Threading no longer allows this and I can not find any way of turning it off.

I would be very appreciative if you made that option or at least could tell me how to turn off the THREADING feature.

Thank you.
Fred Berney

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Fred, thanks for being a longtime Thunderbird user, and thank you for your donations which really do make a difference! We appreciate your feedback about threading.
While it’s not possible at this time to disable organization by threading “globally”, it IS possible to disable it on a per-folder basis.
Check out this support article for a solution:

Please let us know if it solves the issue for you, ok?

bullish bob bagley wrote on

for the technologically challenged, i tried to download cardbook contacts, i am on linux 115.3, vivaldi browser, and it says it can’t install as it is unchallenged. no idea of what to do? Use a crayola to get on my level, and do not leave a single step out, as i will not be able to think beyond your instructions. Thank you….b³

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hello Bob! Unfortunately we can’t offer support for independently developed add-ons like Cardbook. Please consider emailing the developer directly:

Thanks for using Thunderbird!

Lee Schelin wrote on

I am a monthly donor, but after three months I’m still not able to send emails and every time it asks for a new password it doesn’t allow me to enter one.

I’ve been using G-Mail since the problem started.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Lee! Thanks for donating to the Thunderbird project, and we are sorry you’re having trouble sending email. Our blog isn’t the ideal place to solve this due to its limitation and lack of wide visibility to our support community. Have you tried getting help at ?

Daniel Stanfill wrote on

Fonts are a major problem. It only comes in “Small, Medium or Large’. There is no way to chose a specific font size. Times is my preferred font, but the font keeps reverting to block font. Consequently,I wait until the message is complete, convert to Times, and send it before it spontaneously reverts back to block font.

When importing text from another source, there is no ability to change the font or its size. Work around:
past the imported text into Apple Text, adjust the font to suit, and then copy and paste that (adjusted) font
into Thunderbird.

Note: The original Eudora had none of these problems!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hey Daniel, Thunderbird has a “Global Font Size” setting that you can really dial in for your specific needs.
Heather wrote a short blog post showing you how to do adjust it. It’s an easy fix:

Ian Ampleford wrote on

I’d really like to have the same facility implemented.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Ian, can you please elaborate? It’s unclear what you’re trying to say.

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