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These Top 20 Thunderbird Feature Requests Need Your Vote

At Thunderbird, we enthusiastically embrace open development. That means more than making our software open-source. It also means being as transparent as possible, and communicating frequently with our global family of users. 

We want that communication to go both ways! Which is why Mozilla Connect is such an important tool for telling us the features you want to see get developed for Thunderbird (and soon, for our entire family of products and services). Mozilla Connect is an easy-to-use community tool that can help shape future Thunderbird (and Firefox) releases. It allows you to post a feature request, contribute your opinions to existing ones, and give kudos to the features you believe in.

We’re actively monitoring your Thunderbird feature suggestions at Mozilla Connect, but “voting up” ideas from the community is crucial. There are currently 287 Thunderbird ideas at Connect, many of which need wider discussion and votes.

With that in mind, we collected the Top 20 feature requests and linked them below. Check them out, and please consider lending your voice and your votes to these ideas – and the other 267 – if you believe in them.

Top 20 Thunderbird Feature Ideas At Mozilla Connect

  1. Android version of Thunderbird (in progress!)
  2. Color for Thunderbird accounts
  3. Better Gnome Desktop Integration
  4. Expand relay to create full mozmail E-mail
  5. Firefox Translations in Thunderbird (see Firefox Translations call)
  6. Integrate Google Chat with Mozilla Thunderbird
  7. Thunderbird Labels colors – change background color instead of text color
  8. Make telephone numbers clickable in Thunderbird Address book
  9. Thunderbird: Group by date
  10. Migrate and cleanup Thunderbird profile
  11. Make delayed/planned sending of emails possible
  12. Add the option to sort conversations with last post first
  13. RSS feature in Thunderbird adds Pocket button
  14. Option to disable opening PDF directly in Thunderbird
  15. Thunderbird should by default have all telemetry as an opt-in option
  16. Bring back support for accent insensitive message search filter
  17. Include a QR code Decoder into Thunderbird
  18. Thunderbird Web, I’d pay a sub fee for it
  19. Delete a mail directly from notification
  20. An Option to Resend a Message Again

There are some undeniably smart and useful suggestions here. We look forward to seeing your feedback at Mozilla Connect.

Last but not least, we absolutely encourage you to submit your own ideas! Just be sure to use #Thunderbird in the body of the message.

20 responses

Gianluca wrote on

Cool! I didn’t know about Mozilla Conncet, great tools. I added my two cents for a new feature at

kohei wrote on

iOS or iPadOS version of Thunderbird.
Maybe, Firefox Focus in Thunderbird, or Thunderbird in Firefox Focus.
Mean, need more sync each Mozilla apps. (bookmarks, favorites, etc…) Laptop also.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi there! Happy to say that we’re now planning an iOS version of Thunderbird, but work is in the very early stages.

Shailesh Jha wrote on

Requesting team to please change the ancient layout of this great mail client.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

That’s in the works and it will be visible with Thunderbird 115.

victorhck wrote on

Great to see that non developers users (as me) can share the ideas to improve this great software!!
Great work!!

Happy hacking!

(I’ve translated the article to spanish to spread the word in my little blog: )

Nicolas wrote on

Top of my wishlist : a contact autocompletion in the To: field, that would suggest the most frequent contact and address instead of the least probable one. For instance : the colleague i write to and who writes to me 10 times a day, instead of the guy with the same first name that wrote once me 12 years ago. Any other feature seem such a gadget…

Dragofix wrote on

Please make export & import for single features easier. Especially for filters. Now it’s too troublesome.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Be sure to add this idea to Mozilla Connect. It’s very important that the suggestions land there, from the community (not just here as a blog comment).

Murk wrote on

Hello there,

Loving the new design, but as mentioned before regarding the development of thunderbird and it being a pile of poorly placed blocks:

Thunderbird should be toolkit agnostic, and should look good on windows, Linux and MacOS and not focus only on better GTK support (thunderbird looks meh on KDE).

As for features, would be nice to have thunderbird focus on email, calendar and contacts only. RSS, chat, web browser and PDF reader should be toss aside for safety reason and to declutter code.

There are already good solutions for RSS, chat, web browsing and PDF editing on any OS, not to mention that for safety reasons, having way too many features opens the door for exploits with malicious purposes.

Focusing on email, calendar and contacts while restricting email content like JS, CSS etc would be awesome to safeguard the user space of said exploits.

Nils wrote on

Hello Jason,

I had a quick look at the ‘’ repo the other day, but couldn’t find a (Kotlin) multiplatform development branch there. Or what technology are you using?
Is there anything publicly available yet, and if so, where?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Nils, are you asking about the iOS version by chance? We haven’t started development on that yet, since we want to get the Android version polished and released first. Then we will begin hiring for development of the iOS version.

anonym wrote on

as a member of german healthcare system, i need access to ldaps, pop3 and imap.

it wasnt easy to install

Christian wrote on

None of that. Instead, a faster and more effective search function would be nice.

tensor wrote on

So we should do full MS Exchange support. Many companies still use it and the Web App is horrible, but often the only way to use it. Please integrate OWL.

Raul Dipeas wrote on

We need a tray icon.

KGIII wrote on

I went through the list and I don’t actually care about any of those features.

I just want Thunderbird to be a good email client. It mostly is.

DVD B. wrote on

As many have already said in the request thread, I would *gladly* even pay for a fully fledged ‘Mozmail’ service with encrypted mail and email address obfuscation and whatnot. Consider me a ‘wanted to use Proton Mail but couldn’t get it to work in Thunderbird’ refugee.

Filipe Saraiva wrote on

In Linux? ASAP, please!!!

Filipe Saraiva wrote on

I create an idea for system tray support on Linux, anyone interested please thumb’s up here

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