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April 2024 Community Office Hours: Rust and Exchange Support

We admit it. Thunderbird is getting a bit Rusty, but in a good way! In our monthly Development Digests, we’ve been updating the community about enabling Rust in Thunderbird to implement native support for Exchange. Now, we’d like to invite you for a chat with Team Thunderbird and the developers making this change possible. As always, send your questions in advance to! This is a great way to get answers even if you can’t join live.

Be sure to note the change in day of the week and the UTC time. (At least the time changes are done for now!) We had to shift our calendar a bit to fit everyone’s schedules and time zones!

UPDATE: Watch the entire conversation here.

April Office Hours: Rust and Exchange

This month’s topic is a new and exciting change to the core functionality: using Rust to natively support Microsoft Exchange. Join us and talk with the three key Thunderbird developers responsible for this shiny (rusty) new addition: Sean Burke, Ikey Doherty, and Brendan Abolivier! You’ll find out why we chose Rust, challenges we encountered, how we used Rust to interface with XPCOM and Necko to provide Exchange support. We’ll also give you a peek into some future plans around Rust.

Catch Up On Last Month’s Thunderbird Community Office Hours

While you’re thinking of questions to ask, watch last month’s office hours where we answered some of your frequently asked recent questions. You can watch clips of specific questions and answers on our TILvids channel. If you’d prefer a written summary, this blog post has you covered.

Join The Video Chat

We’ve also got a shiny new Big Blue Button room, thanks to KDE! We encourage everyone to check out their Get Involved page. We’re grateful for their support and to have an open source web conferencing solution for our community office hours.

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 23 at 16:00 UTC

Direct URL to Join:

Access Code: 964573

3 responses

Brian wrote on

For the less technical audience members, would you mind giving a very simple overview of Exchange (how it differs from something like gmail’s protocol) and very simple overview of Rust. Tell me like I’m in grade 5!

Lots of us love thunderbird, and it works great with many email servers but can be a pain for accounts – but we don’t really know why that is. A simple two minute explanation of these before launching into the details might help us non-techies keep up. Thanks.

Monica Ayhens-Madon wrote on

You’re in luck! We’ve got a blog post coming soon that does a nice high level overview of Exchange and Rust, which will go live before the office hours next week. And we agree – knowing why Exchange works differently and why we chose Rust is something everyone should know, not just the most technical users.

Topaz Rindu Nabiyallah wrote on

This is something that I wanted to know as well. Looking forward to your blog post next week!

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