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If you ever wanted to contribute to Thunderbird, THIS is your chance!

Today, we’re launching the Thunderbird Up For Grabs program. The idea is really simple: there are plenty of features we would love to add to the Thunderbird roadmap but we badly lack the resources to complete them. So we decided to put them in an open repository, up for anyone to grab one and get it developed. In doing so, you will be working closely with the core Thunderbird team members who will support and guide you all along the way.

And mind you, this is not only a developer thing. Anybody can contribute with his or her own skills: visual design, localization, quality assurance, testing, documentation… This is your opportunity to make an impact and advance Thunderdbird.

If you ever wanted to contribute and did not know where to start, this is your chance. So go and grab one !

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Mozilla Introduces Thunderbird ‘Up For Grabs’ Program | The Email Mafia Blog wrote on

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Axel Grude wrote on

Awesome! I have recently started writing Tb patches, hope we can suggest some of these to elevate into a “chunk” of functionality.

I am currently very interested in mail filtering functionality, and have some fresh ideas on how to make them better, mainly from the UI point of view. I have sent an email with details to Mark Banner, contact me if you like!

regards, Axel

David wrote on

Would love to see a “right click-block sender” option.

Troy wrote on

That’s a good idea David; I would like to see that function too!

Cathie Platt wrote on

I wish we could have a copy of names included in BCCs sent out. Or if it’s possible, could someone tell me how? Many thanks.

Bill Taylor wrote on

Blind Carbon Copies are just that – they are blind, the sender does not want you to know who else they sent that email to. If users wanted everyone to know who they sent a copy to, they would simple Copy them.

PJ Hambrick wrote on

I think what Cathie means is having the BCC recipients listed within the “sent” e-mail. That is, Cathie sends an e-mail with 1 TO recipient and 5 BCC recipients. When she views the “sent” e-mail from her “Sent” folder (or whatever else it might be called), the 5 BCC recipients should be right there on the e-mail, along with the 1 TO recipient.

I would very much like to see that, too!

Jake wrote on

Thunderbird is an excellent e-mail client where it not for the fact that it is rather slow and still after several new versions has some irritating bugs. Perhaps you should concentrate on addressing these issues before adding new features.

ferensick wrote on

Which bugs?
And have you viewed the latest release notes?

Just curious. I don’t necessarily disagree with you.
However in the past I’ve worked on maintenance for different projects, and it’s always frustrating when someone says, “It’s slow and buggy” with no details or history…

Amy Lowenstein wrote on

I have no website or security code. If I’m not allowed to answer this thing, so be it. But my comment to Cathie Platt is, What do you mean about names in BCC’s? You mean if someone ELSE sends an e-mail to you and bcc to 49 other people, they did that because they wanted to keep it private. You shouldn’t be able to get ahold of those 49 BCC’s.

If you mean, when you yourself sent an e-mail from yourself to yourself, with 49 BCC’s, just print out the e-mail from your “sent” folder, and you’ll see who all the people were that you included. Then if you want, you can take the one that landed in your in-box, and forward it to yourself with a note of the names without e-mail addresses, “These are all the people I bcc’ed on this thing.”

Jack wrote on

BCC is visible if you read the header – SMTP by definition is not secure – including BCC addresses does not preclude a recipient from seeing the BCC addresses

XrX wrote on

Actually BCC is not supposed to be available to the recipients, however if a poorly written email client adds a BCC header to the sent ‘data’ (which it really shouldn’t) the bcc’d address may be available to the recipients.
This is NOT a fault with SMTP, as far a SMTP is concerned, the ‘headers’ are simply part of the data.

Israel wrote on

when replying to an e-mail, my response always seems to start at the very bottom of the e-mail received. it’s not a big deal when it’s just one reply but when that one e-mail is replied to several times it’s a bit inconvenient to scroll all the way up to to recall the points touched on the latest reply which remains at the very top. is there some setting that I can change that will make my automatic reply appear on top just above the latest response received? I have tried to find it but had no luck.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote on

Here is the solution in Mozilla Thunderbird Knowledge base.

fsuccardi wrote on

To change that go to Tools> Account Settings> Composition and set to automatically quote the original message and set the dropdown to “start my reply above the quote”.

Arthur wrote on

Doesn’t it seem like ‘start reply above quote’ should be the default setting? I think thats the default behavior in most clients and it seems like thats what most people prefer.

Michael Johnson wrote on

It would be a great if we were able to keep an online backup of all our email addresses that we could use in case of a crash or setting up Thunderbird on a new machine.

kh wrote on

Moz Backup is a nice tool for backing up email contacts as well as complete email folders. It can also backup the server settings. Migrating to a new computer is very easy with that.

Sherron Bull wrote on

I want to be able to move entire folders and/or subfolders from one TB tab to another using drag&drop. Not just the emails, but the entire folder itself. I was astounded that I couldn’t drag&drop between the TB tabs.

Axel’s “QuickFolders” add-on has alleviated this problem amazingly well, but I still have a problem moving folders/subfolders if the destination folder already has a full screen length or more of emails in it (the contents listing obscures the destination for the move).

Robert Lynch wrote on

It would be nice if Thunderbird could create a backup of the the mail accounts configured, address book, folders etc etc, this would be useful for re-installation. Currently I don’t see a method for this.

Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote on

I would recommend searching in our Knowledge base searching “Profil”:

Robert Jackson wrote on

I would like to be able to merge address books and also to be able to move a contact from one address book to another.

Durgesh Kumar wrote on

I would like to automatically reply some filtered messages with attachment. At present this facility is there in thunderbird but attachment gets garbled\becomes part of text in mail. I would like it to be downloadable by recepient.

Colin Wood wrote on

G’day – Would love to see a feature whereby it’s pssible to reduce file size of photos before they are sent!!

Louise Starin wrote on

I have no wed site or Security Code so do figure this go threw but here goes.. I would love a way to block all the junk that comes in and you put Junk on it and try to get make it all go away. and stay away buut there is no blocking such stuff or the spam mails that are coming now from companys saying you ordered something and need the imformation to send it out . Can there be a block . They can’t get threw?

ACe wrote on

Create an Email Group from inbound emails.

If I receive an email with a bunch of other recipients, It would be nice to be able to set all those people up in a group, Currently I have to go and find each one in my address book and place them there,,, very tedious when there is more than just a few

Steve Cox wrote on

What about a feature to keep the email stored on the computer within TB to be encrypted in case of laptop loss or things like that?

Nospar wrote on

Absolutely should have an out-of-office/vacation notification feature. Much too difficult to create that according to the way you recommend. Not everybody here is a programmer; in fact, I think the great majority of users are not. Way past time.

Brad C wrote on

Great news! Will someone please, for the love of God and all that is holy start working on a two-line message list pane like every other e-mail client on the planet seems to offer.

This is the ONLY reason why I refuse to use Thunderbird and am currently sticking with Outlook for my business e-mail and Windows Live Mail for personal e-mail

The day that this feature arrives in Thunderbird is the day I switch back. However, I refuse to do so until then.

It’s time to get with the present Mozilla, Thunderbird NEEDS a multi-line message pane!


Simon wrote on

I’d like to have the signature function improved (multiple signatures and the ability to place them when ever I want)

Would be great

brady wrote on

Two things:

-reopen the previously opened windows when launching TB. so if i close it and reopen the system, or reboot, it will remember which message windows I had opened (not in tabs.. this already works)
-enable email links – i need a way to link to a specific message from somewhere else on my system, id like to see a protocol handler and a url scheme that lets me be able to open TB and open the referenced message.

Ben Bucksch wrote on

For those who wonder, the cookies in the picture are called “macaron”, a French speciality.

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Alquiler yates Ibiza wrote on

This is the ONLY reason why I refuse to use Thunderbird and am currently sticking with Outlook for my business e-mail and Windows Live Mail for personal e-mail

The day that this feature arrives in Thunderbird is the day I switch back. However, I refuse to do so until then.

It’s time to get with the present Mozilla, Thunderbird NEEDS a multi-line message pane!

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