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Thunderbird Monthly Development Digest: June 2024

Hello Thunderbird Community!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of June. ESR is only a few days away, and things are moving faster than ever.

Preparing For ESR

This is going to be a slightly shorter update since the majority of our effort revolved around testing and polishing 128 beta, which will turn into ESR on July 10th.

We fixed a total of 127 bugs and a few more things are getting tackled.

Account Colors In Compose

You can now see the custom colors you chose for your accounts in the compose windows. This was an 18 year-old request that we were finally able to fulfill thanks to the incredible work that many core developers put in place during the past 2 years.

By implementing a much more reliable and modular code base, with a clearer separation between data and UI, we’re finally able to ship these long standing requested features much faster. There’s still a lot to do, but working on our code base is getting better and better.

Mozilla Sync

The client code is finished, everything is in place and we’re testing syncing server data against a temporary staging server.

We’re still working on spawning our own production server, which turned out more challenging than expected. This means that potentially we won’t enable Sync by default for the first ESR release and instead keep it hidden temporarily, with the objective of enabling it in a future point release (maybe 128.1 or 128.2) depending on when the production server will be ready.

We will keep you posted every step of the way.

Thunderbird Beta 128

If you haven’t downloaded 128 beta, please do so and help us test and report bugs if you spot them. You can download Thunderbird 128 Beta here, and if you find any issue, please open a bug report against this Meta Bug we’re using to track any potential regression specific to 128. Thank you!

See ya next month.

Alessandro Castellani (he, him)
Director, Desktop and Mobile Apps

If you’re interested in joining the technical discussion around Thunderbird development, consider joining one or several of our mailing list groups here.

2 responses

Miguel Useche wrote on

Thanks for informing your progress 🙂


usbee wrote on

I use the rc version of TB 128. Looks pretty solid so far. I like the new, improved UI.


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