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The New Thunderbird Website Has Hatched has a new look, but the improvements go beyond that. We wanted a website where you could quickly find the information you need, from support to contribution, in clear and easy to understand text. While staying grateful to the many amazing contributors who have helped build and maintain our website over the past 20 years, we wanted to refresh our information along with our look. Finally, we wanted to partner with Freehive’s Ryan Gorley for their sleek, cohesive design vision and commitment to open source.

We wanted a website that’s ready for the next 20 years of Thunderbird, including the upcoming arrival of Thunderbird on mobile devices. But you don’t have to wait for that future to experience the new website now.

The New

The new, more organized framework starts with the refreshed Home page. All the great content you’ve relied on is still here, just easier to find! The expanded navigation menu makes it almost effortless to find the information and resources you need.

Resources provide a quick link to all the news and updates in the Thunderbird Blog and the unmatched community assistance in Mozilla Support, aka SUMO. Release notes are linked from the download and other options page. That page has also been simplified while still maintaining all the usual options. It’s now the main way to get links to download Beta and Daily, and in the future any other apps or versions we produce.

The About section introduces the values and the people behind the Thunderbird project, which includes our growing MZLA team. Our contact page connects you with the right community resources or team member, no matter your question or concern. And if you’d like to join us, or just see what positions are open, you’ll find a link to our career page here.

Whether it’s giving your time and skill or making a financial donation, it’s easy to discover all the ways to contribute to the project. Our new and improved Participate page shows how to get involved, from coding and testing to everyday advocacy. No matter your talents and experience, everyone can contribute!

If you want to download the latest stable release, or to donate and help bring Thunderbird everywhere, those options are still an easy click from the navigation menu.

Your Feedback

We’d love to have your thoughts and feedback on the new website. Is there a new and improved section you love? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Want to see all the changes we made? Check the repository for the detailed commit log.

21 responses

doublerabbit wrote on

No FreeBSD release within Downloads, and no option to download the source?
Where do I grab the source to compile myself, if it is OSS?


Jason Evangelho wrote on

Did you look on the Participate page, under + Code?

Benjamin Cohen wrote on

Instead of redoing the Thunderbird website again and again, can you get somebody to fix the performance of Thunderbird itself? It’s so damn slow on my M3 Pro MacBook Pro laptop, and it’s so damn slow on my 13900K Linux workstation. That’s where the real effort is needed: on making Thunderbird at least as fast as Redoing the website again and again and again and again and again can wait.

Lane Sawyer wrote on

@Benjamin, I think you overestimate what it takes to make a new website and underestimate how difficult it is to do performance improvements given the current state of the codebase.

If you follow the development blog or podcast, you’ll understand that they’re doing fundamental changes in the code architecture that will enable them to do the very performance improvements you’re wanting, plus a bunch of other modernization things to make it the best FOSS client out there. They’re doing what they can with the resources they have.

In the meantime, why not donate to help them get to the performance improvements faster?

Kevin Mulhall wrote on

Please finish the conversion of K9 and provide a real Thunderbird for Android.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Stay tuned! Our Android team is working on it every day.

duncan wrote on

Awesome work guys congrats!!! I absolutely love what you did with the website and how you respected us current thunderbird users and kept us in mind with the redesign. I’m really excited about the future for you guys!! Good job guys and here’s to the next 20!!

James Glidewell wrote on

Be sure to include a version for Chromebook Linux section.

Wildstar2520 wrote on

Here is the link for developers w/ Linux/Windows/Mac instructions. You might be able to follow the Linux instructions enough to compile on your platform of choice.

Sg wrote on

Any word on when thunderbird will natively support office 365? I’m so ready to get rid of Outlook but I don’t love the idea of using a third party integration or smtp/imap for my work emails

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Our first step towards built-in Exchange support will appear in the upcoming yearly release in July. Here’s a short video with all the details:

Joseph Knapp wrote on

I would like to see effort in up-streaming all of the improvements made to thunderbird by the betterbird project back into thunderbird itself. The betterbird project has made all of the contributions already, you just have to import them into the codebase. Perhaps this can be part of the major Thunderbird 125 release. Also when will you add Firefox offline translations into Thunderbird just like in Firefox.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

We are already working on several of these. Please stay tuned!

CedricA wrote on

I like to see the team doing my preferred software staying on top, not only for important matter like security or new version, but also details like the web site. It tells me you are in a good health and this project will last long.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

The state of Thunderbird is indeed very strong, and we’re sustainable thanks to such a generous donor community.

Tom wrote on

Do you really think that the people who make the website are the same that develop Thunderbird? Also, “redoing the Thunderbird website again and again and again and again and again” is clearly a lie.

For the record, I “only” have the M1 Pro and no performance problems at all. But I suggest to report a bug on Bugzilla if you have issues.

Daniel wrote on

Present revamp of Thunderbird’s webpage is very nice! 🙂

It is important for users, especially newcomers to get a good first impression that will leave them wanting to try the app. and use this page for any further queries.

Kudos for the setup, harmony of colors and more!

Grateful wrote on

Let’s all remember that we are getting both the client and this website for free. They don’t owe us anything, but this is a service they provide to us because they want to. Thanks to the developers for all that you do!

... [Trackback] wrote on

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Tante Berta wrote on

I’m reading mostly the Thunderbird blog. What’s missing there for me is a date on the earlier posts that are listed below the most recent one under

Besides that I love the new design. Good job!

Monica Ayhens-Madon wrote on

First of all, thanks for reading the blog! It is also overdue for some attention, and having visible dates on the main page is a great suggestion. With the ESR due in just about a month and a half, we may not be able to get to the blog right away, but we definitely want it to be more reader usable and friendly!

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