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Thunderbird Podcast #2: With Special Mozilla Guest Mike Conley

Welcome back to the ThunderCast, the official podcast of Mozilla Thunderbird! In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome our first special guest: Mike Conley, Principal Software developer at Mozilla. Mike is a software mechanic, musician, livestreamer, and self-described “pre-internet phenomenon” among many other awesome things.

We had a wonderful, energetic conversation about the early days of the internet, Mike’s early work on Mozilla Messaging, and his current work on Firefox. He also gives us a peek behind the curtain of upcoming Picture-in-Picture features, and some fresh changes to Firefox’s migration tools.

🎧 Download Episode 2 Directly

We also asked Mike about some of the more underrated features of Firefox. Plus, we get the community involved by asking you which Thunderbird features more people should know about.

Hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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We include a full transcript of the episode inside the podcast metadata, which should be supported by your podcast app. If it’s not, here’s a direct link to the Episode 2 transcript.

4 responses

Eugene Savitsky wrote on

It would be good to have links to chapters…

Anonymous wrote on

The link to the transcript appears to be nonexistent (both here and in the RSS feed).

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Apologies for that. It’s been linked now.

ator wrote on

I really enjoyed this, thank you! I find discussion around its legacy features harking back to the Netscape Navigator days, and various XUL/XPCOM artifacts, fascinating. On that note, would you possibly consider an add-ons discussion for a future episode please? I think there is a wealth of material to get into, including:
– How Thunderbird has maintained such powerful and granular methods of customisation, in the form of “legacy” add-ons, given that Firefox moved to limited WebExtensions since Quantum
– What technology enables those add-ons (XUL/XPCOM, Jetpack, or something else?)
– Incredible available add-ons (I was blown away recently by CardBook)
– Plans for the future (improving or deprecating add-ons support, future of “legacy” add-ons and WebExtensions, enhancing the ecosystem and encouraging new developers)

There are also some potentially interesting points concerning themes, as I have sadly observed that almost all currently available themes are very poorly presented, possibly since using a background-only one prevents you from changing the main application colours; which on my system are Solarised Dark.

As a lifelong Thunderbird user – and recent Thunderbird enthusiast – I’m excited for Supernova’s release as the next stage in its modernisation!

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