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Important Message For Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Users

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In a coming release of the Thunderbird 102.x series, we will be making some changes to the way we handle OAuth2 authorization with Microsoft accounts, and this may involve some extra work for users currently using Microsoft-hosted accounts through their employer or educational institution.

In order to meet Microsoft’s requirements for publisher verification, it is necessary for us to switch to a new Azure application and application ID. However, some of these accounts are configured to require administrators to approve any applications accessing email.

We have already made the necessary changes in the current Thunderbird beta series.

If you are using a hosted Microsoft account, please temporarily launch Thunderbird 107.0b3 or later (download here) and attempt to log in, making sure to select “OAuth2” as your authentication method.

If you encounter a screen saying “Need admin approval” during the login process, please contact your IT administrators to approve the client ID 9e5f94bc-e8a4-4e73-b8be-63364c29d753 for Mozilla Thunderbird (it may appear to admins as “Mzla Technologies Corporation”).

We request the following permissions:

After doing this, you may return to using the version you were using previously.

1 responses

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