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Help Keep Thunderbird Alive and Thriving In 2023

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A few short years ago Thunderbird was on the verge of extinction. But you saved us! This year we began work on an Android version of Thunderbird, made excellent progress toward next year’s “Supernova” release, and hired more talented software engineers, developers, and designers to help us make Thunderbird better than ever in 2023.

Putting YOU In Control — Not A Corporation

Since 2003, part of our mission has been giving you a customizable communication experience full of powerful features. The other part of Thunderbird’s mission is more personal: Respecting your privacy and putting you in control – not a corporation. 

We never show advertisements, and we never sell your data. That’s because Thunderbird is completely funded by gifts from generous people just like you. You keep this great software free, and you keep us thriving! 

But accomplishing this mission is expensive. Consistently improving Thunderbird and keeping it competitive means ensuring your security in a constantly changing landscape of mail providers. It means maintaining complex server infrastructure. It means fixing bugs and updating old code. It means striving for full accessibility and a refreshing, modern design. 

Help Thunderbird Thrive In 2023

So today, we’re asking for your help. Did you know that development of Thunderbird is funded by less than 1% of the people who use and enjoy it? 

If you find value in using Thunderbird, please consider giving a gift to support it. Your contributions make a huge difference. And if you’ve already donated this year, THANK YOU!

Thank you for using Thunderbird, and thank you for trusting us with your important daily communications. 

8 responses

Alessandro Marinuzzi wrote on

I donated € 10,00. It’s a small amount but I’m happy because I’m supporting the Mozilla Thunderbird development so long life to Mozilla Thunderbird! The best free and open source email client! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Thanks for your kindness and generosity! You’re truly making a difference.

Catherine wrote on

Does one donate via one of these crowdfunding websites?

Or, can one use one’s own PayPal account?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Catherine! You can donate using Paypal! Just visit and you’ll the button for it. Thanks!

Tom wrote on

Hey Thunderbird Team,

After all this years I want to thank you for the effort you put in this great product! Somehow it slipped my attention that you stood on the edge of extinction few years ago. If I would have known, I would have supported you. I did not have much to give yet but I gave what I could spare.

Thanks again and I hope you will be able to keep up the good work! Cheers from Germany 🙂

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Thank YOU, Tom! We appreciate you sticking with us.

JuneshK wrote on

Is this open source ? Cause im new .

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Welcome! Yep, Thunderbird is 100% open source and has been since it launched in 2003.

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