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Make Thunderbird Yours: Customize Colors In The Spaces Toolbar

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In our last video tip, you learned how to manually sort the order of all your mail and account folders. Let’s keep that theme of customization rolling forward with a quick video guide on customizing the Spaces Toolbar that debuted in Thunderbird 102.

The Spaces Toolbar is on the left hand side of your Thunderbird client and gives you fast, easy access to your most important activities. With a single click you can navigate between Mail, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Chat, settings, and your installed add-ons and themes.

Watch below how to customize it!

Video Guide: Customizing The Spaces Toolbar In Thunderbird

This 2-minute tip video shows you how to easily customize the Spaces Toolbar in Thunderbird 102.

*Note that the color tools available to you will vary depending on the operating system you’re using. If you’re looking to discover some pleasing color palettes, we recommend the excellent, free tools at

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Another Tip Before You Go?

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Hela Odingirl wrote on

These video tutorials are amazing but why rely on an evil company like youtube that makes propietery software, targeted ads, and more evil stuff when you could have just hosted your own peertube instance similar to blender?
For example:

This would be much more independent just like The Thunderbird Blog.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

We don’t currently have the resources/time to host our own Peertube instance, but we did do this:

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