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We Asked AI To Create These Beautiful Thunderbird Wallpapers

The buzz around AI-generated artwork continues to grow with each passing week. As machine-learning-driven AI systems like DALLĀ·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion continue to evolve, some truly awe-inspiring creations are being unleashed onto the world. We wanted to tap into that creative energy to produce some unique desktop wallpapers for the Thunderbird community!

So, we fed Midjourney the official Thunderbird logo and a series of descriptive text prompts to produce the stunning desktop wallpapers you see below. (Can you spot which one is also inspired by our friends at Firefox?)

Dozens of variations and hundreds of images later, we narrowed it down to four designs. Aside from adding a small Thunderbird watermark in the lower corners of each wallpaper, these images are exactly as the Midjourney AI produced them.

View And Download The Thunderbird Wallpapers

We did take the liberty of upscaling each image to UltraHD resolution, meaning they’ll look fantastic even on your 4K monitors. And of course, on your 1080p or 1440p panels as well.

Just click each image below to download the full-resolution file.

If you love them, share this page and tell people about Thunderbird! And if you end up using them as your PC wallpaper, send us a screenshot on Mastodon or Twitter.

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Dimas wrote on

Very nice!

filozof wrote on

It’s really nice. I liked it very much. Greetings.

Hela Odingirl wrote on

Really cool wallpapers. Definitely gonna be my Desktop Wallpaper

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