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Thunderbird Tip: Rearrange The Order Of Your Accounts

One of Thunderbird’s strengths is managing multiple email accounts, newsgroup accounts, and RSS feed subscriptions. But how do you display those accounts in the order YOU want? It’s super easy, and our new Thunderbird Tips video (viewable below) shows you how in less than one minute!

But First: Our YouTube Channel!

We’re currently building the next exciting era of Thunderbird, and developing a Thunderbird experience for mobile. But we’re also trying to put out more content across various platforms to keep you informed — and maybe even entertained!

To that end, we are relaunching our YouTube channel with a forthcoming new podcast, and a series of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Thunderbird. You can subscribe here. Help us reach 1000 subscribers by the end of August!

Bonus accessibility tips:

1) The keyboard shortcut for this command is ALT + ⬆/⬇ (OPTION + ⬆/⬇ on macOS).
2) Account Settings can also be accessed by the Spaces toolbar, App Menu, and Account Central.

As always, thanks for using Thunderbird! And thanks for making Thunderbird possible with your support and donations.

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Hela Odingirl wrote on

I never knew this before seeing this blogpost. I didn’t know how to use RSS feeds unless you guys uploaded the blogpost regarding RSS feeds. These small tips and tricks videos are amazing and will definitely help in getting Thunderbird mainstream. Good job guys! By the waiting for SUPERNOVA

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