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Welcome To The Thunderbird 102 Beta! Resources, Links, And Guides

The wait for this year’s major new Thunderbird release is almost over! But you can test-drive many of the new features like the brand new Address Book, Matrix Chat support, import/export wizard, and refreshed visuals right now with the Thunderbird 102 Beta. Better still, you might be directly responsible for improving the final product via your feedback and bug reports.

Below, you’ll find all the resources you need for testing the Thunderbird 102 Beta. From technical guides to a community feedback forum to running the beta side-by-side with your existing stable version, we’ve got you covered.

Do you feel something is missing from this list? Please leave a comment here, or email me personally (jason at thunderbird dot net). I’ll make sure we get it added!

Thunderbird 102 Beta: First Steps

Here are some first steps and important considerations to take into account before deciding to install the beta.

Thunderbird 102 Beta: Guides, Links, And Resources

We want you to have the smoothest beta experience possible. Whether you’re reporting bugs, seeking solutions, or trying to run beta side-by-side with an existing Thunderbird installation, these resources should help.

From all of us here at Thunderbird: Have fun, and happy testing!

8 responses

Michael jamison wrote on

What is the minimum OS X version do I need to run this new TB 102?
I don’t see it anywhere?
I can only upgrade to 10.13.6 bc of my iMac HW limitations. My iMac is 10+ years old.
Would really love to use this new version!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

We’re always working on making Thunderbird more efficient and less resource-hungry, so you should be able to run it on your older iMac without issue!

Michael jamison wrote on

Love TB but it does haves some quirks.

Eiko wrote on

When will your teams develop the email app for the mobile platform?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

You’ll get all the details for that next Monday!

Gordon Bennett wrote on

Is there any version of Thunderbird (nor or planned for) that will run on an iPad Pro?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

No, not at this time.

Esteve wrote on

That’s a gorgeous version of THB, I love the UI improvements. I used in Kde Neon and and my theme and extensions worked perfectly also.
Thanks for your hard work!!

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