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Thunderbird 102 Released: A Serious Upgrade To Your Communication

Thunderbird 102 is here! On behalf of the entire Thunderbird team, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of our major yearly release. Thunderbird 102 is loaded with highly-requested features, and we think you’ll be delighted by them.

It features refreshed icons, color folders, and quality-of-life upgrades like the redesigned message header. It ushers in a brand new Address Book to bring you closer than ever to the people you communicate with. Plus useful new tools to help you manage your data, navigate the app faster, and boost your productivity. We’re even bringing Matrix to the party!

[Press friends: we also have a press release with lots of screenshots and GIFs for you right here.]

New icons and color folders
New icons and color folders

Thunderbird 102 is available to download right now for our global community of 20M+ Linux, macOS, and Windows users. (Using Thunderbird 91 and don’t need an immediate upgrade? Your client should automatically update within the next few weeks as we gradually roll it out.)

Let’s talk about some of the best new features in Thunderbird 102.


You don’t communicate with contacts, you communicate with people. That’s why Thunderbird 102 gives you one of the best tools to better track and interact with all the important people in your life.

New Contact layout in Thunderbird 102
Thunderbird 102: Basic contact view in dark/light modes (Shown here on Linux)
Basic contact view in dark/light modes (Shown here on Linux)

One of Thunderbird 102’s headlining features is the new Address Book, which represents the first of many steps towards a new, modernized direction for Thunderbird’s UX/UI. The redesigned Address Book delivers a clean visual presentation and several new information fields to help you better understand who you’re communicating with. It’s also compatible with vCard specs, the industry standard for saving contacts. If your app (like Google Contacts) or device (like an Android smartphone) can export existing contacts to vCard format, Thunderbird can effortlessly import them. Finally, the new Address Book acts as a one-stop launchpad for messaging or event creation with each of your contacts.

New Spaces Toolbar: Get There Faster

Customizing the Spaces Toolbar
Thunderbird 102’s Spaces Toolbar

Thunderbird now features a central Spaces Toolbar for fast and easy access to your most important activities inside the application: With a single click, you can navigate between Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Chat, and your installed add-ons. And if you feel like adapting Thunderbird to your personal preferences, there’s a button for Settings, too!

New Import / Export Wizard: Move Data With Ease

Thunderbird 102's Import / Export Wizard (shown here on Linux)
Thunderbird 102’s Import / Export Wizard (shown here on Linux)

Moving accounts and data in and out of Thunderbird should be a breeze! Previously, this required the installation and use of add-ons, but the Thunderbird team is thrilled to share that it’s now a core, built-in feature. A step-by-step wizard provides a contextual, guided experience for importing your important data. This means that moving from Outlook, SeaMonkey, or another Thunderbird installation is easier than ever.

Redesigned Message Header: Focus On What Matters

The redesigned message header
Message Header: TRANSFORM!

One of the core philosophies behind the development of Thunderbird 102 was doing more with less. Now, when reading your email, the redesigned message header allows you to focus on what matters as it highlights important information. It’s also more responsive and easier to navigate. Plus, you can “star” important messages from the header itself, and convert them into a calendar event or a task.

Matrix Chat Support: Decentralized Communication For Everyone

The Thunderbird team loves open source and open standards. That’s why you’ll find out-of-box support for the popular, decentralized chat protocol Matrix in Thunderbird 102. Matrix provides secure messaging, VOIP, and data transfer capabilities and is rapidly expanding its feature-set. 

We hope you love using it as much as we love building it! And there’s still more to come as Thunderbird 102’s development evolves! Complete details of all the changes can be found in the Thunderbird release notes for version 102 and newer.

29 responses

Rqan wrote on

Keep up the good work, I’ve used it for years as my main email program and appreciate the massive effort that goes into this program.
From someone who used outlook once…. thank you 🙂

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Thank you for sticking with Thunderbird. It’s only getting better and better from here!

Bill Mitchell wrote on

Very exciting news! Have been a Thunderbird user since the very beginning and it’s delightful to see new features landing.

Piermario Clara wrote on

Great job! Thank you!!!!
So, this is my one million dollar question: how can I update Thunderbird from 91.x to 102 version?
Will it be automatic?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

It will eventually be an automatic upgrade. We are in an initial period where we gather more version 102 feedback from users who intentionally download. After a period of collecting sufficient feedback, updates to version 102 will gradually be enabled, as we did with last year’s version 78->91.0 transition. Until then, users of version 91 will continue to receive updates to newer versions of 91.

CK wrote on

I love Thunderbird You power my everyday!

Stegemüller wrote on

Waugh this looks great. I will update right away.

I have used Thunderbird for many years and I love it!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Thanks for sticking with us. It’s only going to keep improving!

hydroid wrote on

Thank you for the efforts.

BelFox wrote on

What a great release! The level of customization is wonderful, the new UI icons and colors are a welcome refresh, the feature set greater than ever. You guys rock!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

No, YOU rock!

Richard wrote on

Super exciting. I’ve heard a lot about Matrix, but I’m not sure where to start. Looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Perhaps an introductory tutorial/guide on using Matrix needs to be made for this blog!

Eugen wrote on

I can’t wait to try out Thunderbird 102 !

Lecroix wrote on

where do I report bugs? found some already……¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stefan wrote on

I really like Thunderbird 102, it looks amazing on GNU/Linux and it feels faster!
Just the Sieve-Plugin is not yet compatible with the new version, but seems like developer is already working on a fix.
Great work, thank you!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Thanks Stefan! We do expect the vast majority of extensions to be compatible within the next few weeks. The devs are working hard to make it happen!

mihai wrote on

awesome update guys! I hit the update button once it becomes available as Mac update.

Cameron wrote on

Some of us are looking to move from windows to Linux or bsd. Outlook has a high bar but it looks like the prospects for a good email alternative just got a lot better. Maybe it’s time. Thank you.

Adlou wrote on


The only thing I m missing compared to gmail
Is a cross folder search. the one available is poorly designed and shows very few emails.

Can it be improved?

Bao wrote on

Hello team,

Thanks a lot for the upgrade. I started using Thunderbird five years ago and love this product very much. Never think to change to any other products. Keep this good work!


Marco wrote on

Thanks for all the hard work. But from a business owners perspective, I like to give a hint what would be amazing and a serious improvement which would help at least SMB to adapt Thunderbird.

– The out-of-the-box Icons make the overall style look dated. Maybe a open source contest for designers could bring some more premium looking shine to the application.
– Integration into Nextcloud Talk would be amazing next to Matrix
– The Calendar deserves more love and in best case address lookups using Google Maps.
– If we plan appointments, it would be amazing to get notified when to start the travel based on location and block the travel time in the calendar too.

Looking forwared to the Thunderbird future – maybe we can get rid of Outlook sooner or later.

mikaela hurtubise wrote on

Hi, my emails will not open at all. I get an xul runner error message – is this something to do with this upgrade? Can anyone please help – I am not a computer expert, so step by step solution would be much appreciated, Thanks

Jason Evangelho wrote on

hi Mikaela, sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. Unfortunately we don’t offer support via the blog platform. The best environment to get support from our community is Thanks for understanding!

Kim wrote on

Hello, I updated to the 102 and it wouldn’t work, so we changed the incoming and outgoing to this;
Earthlink Webmail POP Settings
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Port Number: 110
Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Port Number: 587
I still cannot send out emails, can you give me advice please?
Thank you!

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Kim, the best place to find support for this is going to be Thanks!

Toad-Hall wrote on

It is noticed in the image posted, that the new Address Book design no longer provides the vital information about the number of contacts in any selected Address Book or Mailing List. It used to be in the Address Book Status Bar which of course no longer exists.

This information is important and as a helper in the Support Forum, I’m having to tell people it was not included in the design.

Can you offer any information when it will get added back – was this an oversight – perhaps it might get displayed on the right side of the address books/mailing lists maybe like the folder Pane has Folder Pane Columns to display Total emails ?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

This is good feedback, thank you. There’s a bug open for this very issue:
Many on the team believe this should be added back ASAP. Please stay tuned to that bug report, and hopefully there will be good news soon1

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