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Are Your Favorite Thunderbird Add-ons Compatible With Thunderbird 102?

Thunderbird 102 is here! Our annual release is full of highly-requested features, beautiful new visuals, and quality-of-life upgrades. We’re also working hard to ensure that your favorite Thunderbird add-ons are compatible. In fact, we expect the majority of add-ons to be updated within a few weeks of Thunderbird 102’s release.

We understand that certain add-ons are invaluable to your workflow. So, to help you decide the best time to update your version of Thunderbird, here’s a simple way to discover if the extensions you currently have installed are compatible with Thunderbird 102.

Install “Addon Compatibility Check For TB 102”

How do you check the compatibility of your add-ons? By installing an add-on! While it doesn’t have the most creative name, “Addon Compatibility Check For TB 102” does its job considerably well.

(This extension works with Thunderbird 68 and newer.)

Addon Compatibility Check For TB 102 icon in Thunderbird 102
Click the icon that looks like a puzzle to instantly check add-on compatibility

Once installed, just click the icon that looks like a puzzle piece in your Mail Toolbar. It will instantly check if your installed Thunderbird add-ons will function properly with Thunderbird 102. (The data updates once every 24 hours). It also suggests any known alternatives for extensions that might have been abandoned and no longer receive updates.

Here’s my own result, above. The only “unknown” is uBlock Origin, but that’s because I downloaded it from Github, and not from the main Thunderbird extensions website. (Good news: it does work with 102!)

The Thunderbird Add-on developer community is making a concentrated effort to ensure that all of your favorite add-ons receive updates for Thunderbird 102. We hope this add-on helps you decide when upgrading from Thunderbird 91 is right for you.

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Ron Bonner wrote on

I donated and yet I continue to receive the message that I need to upgrade . What gives?

Jason Evangelho wrote on

Hi Ron, thank you for donating to Thunderbird. Where are you receiving this message? It sounds like Thunderbird just wants to update to a newer version. That doesn’t cost anything.

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