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Thunderbird Active Daily Inquiries Surpass 10 Million!

We are pleased to report that Thunderbird usage, as reported though the standard Mozilla metric of Active Daily Inquiries (ADI), has surpassed 10 million users per day on Monday November 30 2015 for the first time ever. ADI is a raw measurement of active users, and is taken by counting the daily requests from Thunderbird […]

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Thunderbird 38 Released

Thunderbird 38 is now released (actual initial version is 38.0.1 to maintain compatibility with equivalent Firefox releases). This release has some significant new features, as well as many, many bug fixes. Some of the new features include: Calendaring is now shipped by default. This continues to be implemented as the Lightning extension, but that is […]

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Thunderbird 38 goes to beta!

The next major release of Thunderbird, version 38, is now in beta and available for testing. You may download Thunderbird 38.0b1 here. This version of Thunderbird is the first that is mostly managed by volunteer community members rather than by Mozilla staff. We have many new features, including: Message filtering when a message is sent […]

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Thunderbird Usage Continues to Grow

We’re happy to report that Thunderbird usage continues to expand. Mozilla measures program usage by Active Daily Installations (ADI), which is the number of pings that Mozilla servers receive as installations do their daily plugin block-list update. This is not the same as the number of active users, since some users don’t access their program […]

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