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Test Pilot survey launched on March 27th, 2012

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As we announced back in January, we will kick start Test Pilot, the Mozilla platform tool for collecting structured user feedback, on March 27th, 2012.

Over the past several months, Test Pilot has provided valuable information to the Firefox developers with over a dozen Test Pilot studies launched covering tabbed browsing behavior, search interfaces, and menu usage. Now is the time to apply the same great tool to Thunderbird.

As a reminder, not all studies and surveys will go to all users and the first study will only apply to English language Thunderbird. By default, you can decide whether or not to send the collected anonymous data to Mozilla. You are completely in control of what gets shared.

If users wish to opt-out completely, they may uninstall the “Test Pilot for Thunderbird” Add-on, by going to Tools -> Add-ons.

Although we have not delivered the functionality as an Add-on before, we decided to ship Test Pilot as an Add-on to keep it in the same structure as Firefox, and it also gives us flexibility to update all users of Test Pilot regardless of which version of Thunderbird they are on.

For more information about this Test Pilot study, please check the following page

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9 responses

Phil Skwiot wrote on

The survey and subsequent data analysis is a daunting task. From what I see in the structure, tone and thoroughness of the announcement, you and your team are up to task. It will be a pleasure to participate.

andy wrote on

totally happy with t, bird ,covers all i need to do, thanks guys for a splendid piece of data. best wishes to the team, Andy.

Dennis Jennings wrote on

Great idea.
Remind me please how to provide feedback to Thunderbird development.
My key issues right now are:
1. The integration with the Mac environment is disappointingly bad in that I cannot integrate with the Mac calendar, or automatically integrate with Microsoft Office. (I’ve only recently moved back to Mac – and I love it).
2. I would like to explore using Outlook Exchange to better maintain my e-mail environment, but I understand that this is not supported by Thunderbird. I’m reluctant to move to Mac Mail, but……

Warren Rathbun wrote on

I don’t know what good it will do to participate when I can’t figure out how to use the Molilla Thunderbird email program. I can’t find a phone number to call to ask some questions about how to do things. I’ve used the Outlook Express program on my old Dell computer for the past seven years. The new Sony computer my grandkids gave me does not have the Outlok Express program on it, only the Thunderbird program that I haven’t figured out how to operate, except looking a email that has accumialted.

Its tough to be 80 and try to learn new tricks but this old dog will try if someone will give me a phone number to call and get some help. The grandkids are out of state and not close enough to come over and help.

Any help or suggestions you may have will be appreciated.

I don’t know what the security code listed above is.

standard8 wrote on

Hi Warren, Thunderbird is a free program and we don’t offer phone support for it. For support please visit – there’s also forums linked to from that site if you need them.

Paul Holloway wrote on

I haven’t checked it out but I do appreciate what Mozilla has been doing for the Internet community!

Kimberly wrote on

Thunderbird has some nice features. Two things I wish I could do but can’t figure out how:
1) Arrange emails by “From” BUT with the “Date” order reversed. I can only seem to see the earliest emails first. I’d rather see the latest first … with the From being the primary column sort.
2) I don’t like replying with my email response being at the bottom of the email body instead of at the top.
Probably easy fixers but I can’t find solutions.

Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote on

to get your emails in different order, please click on the “date” column header. It will reverse the order.
To get your answers at the top of the mail, please see How To page at
Hope this helps.

freddie wrote on

How do I update Lightning? Tried downloading Lightning 1.6 but it wasn’t compatible.

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