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Mozilla Delivers New Version of Thunderbird

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Mozilla, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released a new version of Mozilla Thunderbird, its free and open source email application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Thunderbird is now available in over 48 languages.

The new Thunderbird is based on the Mozilla Gecko 6 engine and includes several improvements to speed, stability and security.  Windows 7 users can look forward to an updated theme, Jump List support, and better import of email from Microsoft Outlook.  Hundreds of Add-ons have also been updated in the new Thunderbird.  These Add-ons, such as the Lightning Calendar, Conversation View, and Open Search can be found in the Add-ons Manager gallery.

To get the latest version of Thunderbird for Windows, Mac or Linux download Thunderbird from or click on “check for update” under the “About Thunderbird” menu.

For more information:
Thunderbird Release Notes

2 responses

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